"This cart has been all the rage! The teams love it and I believe that our facilities team is looking to make an order as well. Frankly I'm not sure how we survived without it up to this point. Well worth the investment." 
Sam Askew -Tulalip, Casino

The FlexCart Story

The FlexCart Engineering Cart is the result of a two-year partnership with three major facilities companies to develop the most functional and efficient maintenance cart possible. Designed and tested by facilities maintenance professionals from the ground up, FlexCart was uniquely built to deliver the exact functionality needed by the professional engineer in a durable, compact and lightweight design. Now in service with thousands of maintenance professionals around the world, FlexCart, through its Six Sigma design, has proven to deliver valuable benefits including:

  • Increased productivity,
  • Greater control over tools and parts inventory,
  • Increased professionalism and
  • Improved safety and service to the guest, patient or tenant.
"Here at the Sheraton guest experience is everything and fixing things in a timely manner is extremely important. With FlexCart having everything you need for room repairs with you is vital to be successful. FlexCarts are the most universal tool we use. We depend on them each and everyday." -Crandall (Chief Engineer)