My engineers think the FlexCart is great!  We will be ordering more.

Joshua Ashlock, Director of Facilities, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

FlexCart Opens New Warehouse in Alexandria, Ohio
July 19. 2019

FlexCart moved into its newly built 11,200 square foot warehouse in Alexandria, Ohio in July of 2019. The company is rapidly expanding due to its growing product line and increasing sales into new industries. The new facility provides a modern, controllable space in which to house the company’s inventory and out of which to ship its growing volume of orders.

FlexCart is a manufacturer and supplier of engineering maintenance carts and has been in business for seven years, running out of its corporate office in New Albany, Ohio. The company was started by President Edward “Jerry” Guirlinger to research and develop a new maintenance cart designed specifically for hotel and facilities engineers.

Once completed, the cart created an opportunity for any facility using it to receive valuable benefits including a substantial increase in productivity and greater control and security over their inventory of tools and parts, as well as enhancement of their professional image.

“Throughout this cart’s development I worked with three large hotel and facilities companies and more than 40 professionals in the industry including Engineers, General Managers, Operations Managers, and Senior Management,” said Guirlinger. “The goal was to first identify all of the problems and issues that they were currently experiencing in their maintenance process and then design a cart that would eliminate most or all of those issues.”

After a year and a half, nine prototypes and thousands of hours of testing by 30+ engineers in eight different facilities, Guirlinger knew the cart was finished when, after showing the final version to everyone involved in the testing, each one said that it was done and they wanted one as soon as possible.

Now in service with thousands of maintenance professionals across North America and Canada, FlexCart’s highly organized, Six Sigma based product line has been proven to deliver valuable benefits. In 2018, FlexCart released six new patented, proprietary products, all geared toward solving specific issues common in a facilities maintenance.

FlexCart sells its product through a substantial network of top-level distributors such as HD Supply, Grainger, American Hotel Register Company, Guest Supply, Amazon and others. For more details visit