My engineers think the FlexCart is great!  We will be ordering more.

Joshua Ashlock, Director of Facilities, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

FlexCart FC-100 General Maintenance and PM Cart
This is our original, award-winning engineering cart, now available in Carbon Steel. This cart, as well as our others, has been proven to increase the productivity of the engineer using it by an average of 40%.

Carbon Steel
FC-100CSWAT (With all tools): $2,949.00
FC-100CSWBT (With bag tools): $2,549.00
FC-100CSNT (No tools): $2,249.00
FlexCart, LLC offers a line of patented, professional maintenance carts that are a result of a two-year partnership with three major facilities companies to develop the most functional and efficient engineering maintenance carts possible. All of our carts feature:

  • Lightweight, narrow designs with strong, welded steel frames and high quality finishes
  • Steel drawer fronts and cabinets
  • Shock absorbing wheels for easy mobility
  • Padded drawers and fabric tool holders making them quiet when moving
  • Drawers and built-in parts organizing bins that allow maximum storage and organization
  • Provided padlocks for security
  • Removable top surrounds with fold down sides for a work surface or transport box
  • A mini vice and built-in trash can
  • Large storage areas to hold a vacuum, paint cans or other items
  • Fabric storage panel on the side with large and useful pockets
  • Ladder hook to carry up to a 6' ladder
  • Different tool configurations based on your needs

This cart includes a locking front tool compartment that comes complete with labeled fabric tool holders designed to carry the larger, standard tools typically needed by most engineers. 

The large storage space at the bottom is designed to hold most compact vacuum styles or other large items.

The seven lockable drawers give 12 square feet of organized storage space with customizable parts bins that can hold hundreds of different parts.

The removable FC-30TB FlexCart Tool Bag sits in a special carrier built into the handle. It has labeled pockets for 84 of the most commonly needed tools with labeled pockets that provide tool accountability.

The tool bag cover prevents theft by surrounding the tool bag with a sturdy cloth that locks to the metal handle. Locks included.

The large trash can is removable and allows for disposal or storage of dirty items.

The space behind the trash can hold a gallon paint can or other tall containers.

On the back, there are large utility pockets that can hold spray bottles, rags, knee pads, tablets, notebooks, laptops, etc.

There are also long pockets for fluorescent light tube storage that can hold T4, T8 and T12 light tubes or other long items, such as a box beam level.

The ladder hook on the front of the tool storage door can hold up to a 6' ladder.

The large work surface allows additional space to transport parts or, with the sides folded down, extend the work space for other needs, such as working at a laptop.

The locking rod in the back locks all drawers closed - needed padlock included.

The vise clamp allows for quick cutting of long items.

The lockable 5" front casters  and 8" rear wheels are made with heavy duty steel and designed to be quiet, non-marring and move easily on carpet.

The front casters can be upgraded to our FC-HDLC Heavy Duty Locking Casters, which are meant for use on hard surfaces.
The FC-100WBT model includes the FC-20TBTS FlexCart Maintenance Engineering Tool Bag Tool Set that comes with 84 high quality tools chosen by maintenance professionals as the primary set of hand tools they want in their tool bag. This set is designed to fill each labeled tool pocket in the FC-30TB FlexCart Tool Bag that is also included with the FC-100WBT

Tool brands subject to change.

To see a complete list of tools, click here.

The FC-100WAT model includes the FC-20ETS FlexCart Full Maintenance Engineering Tool Set - a 130-piece high quality tool set designed to fill the tool pockets in the FlexCart Engineering Carts and Tool Bag or any cart used for facilities maintenance, including a wet/dry shop vacuum. To see a complete list of tools, click here.

Tool brands subject to change.

FlexCart FC-100 General Maintenance and PM Cart
The FC-100 FlexCart General Maintenance and PM Cart is available in stainless steel or carbon steel, as well as with all tools (130 pieces, including a wet/dry vacuum), with bag tools (84 pieces), or no tools.

Carbon Steel
FC-100CSWAT (With all tools): $2,849.00
FC-100CSWBT (With bag tools): $2,449.00
FC-100CSNT (No tools): $2,149.00