About Us

Edward Guirlinger, owner and founder of FlexCart was also the developer of the Mobile-ShopTM System. It was through his experience with Mobile-Shop that he discovered a strong need in the hotel and facilities Industries for an engineering cart designed specifically to meet the needs of the maintenance engineer. 
In May of 2012, remembering this need, Edward reached out to three major hotel and facilities companies letting them know of his plans to develop from the ground up a new engineering cart and asking them if they would like to be involved.  All three companies said yes.  Edward went to work visiting their properties and deeply analyzing how the engineers were currently operating and what they did and did not like about their current system.  Soon the first FlexCart prototypes were built with an immediate emphasis on being compact, light and maneuverable, which were the features most desired by the engineers.  
After a year and a half, nine prototypes and thousands of hours of testing by thirty-five engineers in eight different facilities, the final design was completed.  Edward says that he knew he had reached the point of completion after showing the final cart to everyone involved in the test and hearing each one say that it was done!   
The FlexCart was put into production and delivered to our first customer in July of 2014.  Since that time thousands of carts have been purchased and are being used in hundreds of engineering departments across North America.  What we see time-after-time is that a facility will purchase one or two FlexCarts for testing and then several months later purchase FlexCarts for their whole staff.  We are occasionally asked "What are the biggest complaints about the FlexCart in use?" and we can honestly answer that we rarely get complaints. If we do, it is about something simple, like a tool missing, which we will take care of immediately. Our goal is very simple: deliver a well thought-out product that is quality built and designed to provide valuable utility to the owner for many years.  

We recently conducted a survey of all our customers to date. The respondent's answers were extraordinary.  

  • 100% were satisfied with their FlexCart purchase with the majority being extremely satisfied.
  • 100% said that they would buy the FlexCart again.
  • 100% said that they would recommend the FlexCart to a colleague. 
  • The average reported increase in productivity in this survey was 30%
  • The properties reporting productivity increases that were measured in time studies reported greater than a 40%.